Interlude: Nope.

Day 60. Nope nope nope.

Alright, not much to report this weekend. Toop’s birthday party was yesterday and went off very nicely, and Friday was a fun enough night out but I would need to actually get to sit and write in order to, you know, write about it. So maybe tomorrow morning. I did toy around with the idea of not doing mornings, and going later into the evenings instead, but my evenings are no good for writing.


Had an okay, if painfully frustrating day. I got to give Mrs. Hatboy the day off and let her go to Porvoo for a while, which was nice. I looked after the girls. Wump was great, Toop was a little monster. Finally got it into her head to not sleep, woke up at 06:30 and then only slept an hour in the afternoon. So I spent the day carrying her around. Just now got to turn WordPress on, between baths and porridge and bedtime stories. Not going to get anything written. Then a shitty week of work ahead.

Fuck it.

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