Drednanth covers

Day 52. 132 pages, 66,088 words.

Well at least now I know why I’ve had such a peaceful few days. Ever since Mopho Cake III lost his charging mojo and I took him to the shop to get his USB port fixed, the antenna has been busted because the douchebags at the Nokia service point broke it.

So I have been able to get online through our home WiFi system, but not anywhere else. And my calls and SMSs have been cut off. So, nice and peaceful.

Also, wow, it doesn’t rain but it pours – my rig’s Internet Explorer just completely died and will no longer function. So, time to dump Internet Explorer like a sack of crap (almost exactly like a sack of crap) and join the 21st Century with Google Chrome.

I figured I would take the lazy opportunity (since I am blazing away at the latest book and don’t want to waste too much time blogging) to toss a few of the draft covers up in here, to show the process the cover artist and I went through to get to the awesome cover we ended up with. These are not all the drafts, but a few of the cooler variants.

This first one is a very rough sketch showing the moon, Standing Wave, inside the ring system of the gas giant Devil-May-Care. Aurora and shadow visible. These are based on my attempted verbal explanations of the unique astral body.

drednanth (1)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (1)

This next one is a little animation I made based on a second sketch, attempting to show how the auroras and particles of the ring system washed around the moon due to its slightly slower orbit, forming the “standing wave” that gives the moon its name (and the atmospheric effects that make it a huge tourist spot).

drednanth (1 - anim)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (2, animation)

The next sequence shows the drafting process for the cover itself, playing with different layouts and stuff. There was a lot to fit into the final cover so in the end we agreed to leave the gas giant out and just focus on the moon.

drednanth (2)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (3)

drednanth (3)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (4)

drednanth (4)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (5)

drednanth (5)

Standing Wave, Devil-May-Care (6, final)

So, that’s it. I (obviously) think it’s a beautiful cover, and really nails the look of the Standing Wave settlement that provides the backdrop for a pivotal part of the book’s plot. Excellent stuff. I can’t wait to see what Gabriel comes up with for the next cover!

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