Thursday of Meh

Day 50. 125 pages, 60,911 words.

Nothing much to report, again, for today. Just catching up on my lost writing time and getting all the stuff from my notepad, and waiting to see if any of the sharing or plugging will translate into pre-orders. So far we haven’t got many. But I’ve apparently been selling e-books of Eejit, so I would hope that the people who got that would pre-order the next one.

Oh well, all I can do is put them out there and wait for things to take off. As long as people enjoy them when they read them, there’s no huge rush. They’re out there now. More or less.

Had a little party last night to celebrate Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday and the return of one of the roleplay crowd from an extended tour of distant parts (well, Kajaani). Only Heikki and I were drinking, so it was reasonably quiet and my hangover is minimal. Not made any better by an unrelated upset stomach and recurring cold, but that’s okay. Fun time was had by all. Heikki and I got to be semi-drunken spectators of an amusing roleplay tournament, and we then played a bit of Dixit, which is a fun game and I strongly recommend it.



It looks, amusingly, like there’s a bit of a legal battle going on about that Wheel of Time pilot that aired a while ago. Don’t really know who is left holding the bag on this one, but it seems as though Universal is out of the picture and now Mrs. Jordan is getting in the deep poo with the actual rights-holders. Whether any of this means they will be making a proper stab at the show at any point, I don’t know. Like I say, I think it’s too late.

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