Day 47. 114 pages, 56,114 words.

Not a whole lot of time today – in an hour or so I am heading off with Wump to do a bit of swimming – but I will just drop this quick note before I sign off. In continuation of my weird grab-bag week of entertainment news last week, I’ll have a quick chat about Jaws.

Funny thing, directly after watching Jaws we watched Airplane!, and it had basically the same musical opening. Hilarious, and one of those wacky coincidences … anyway, Mrs. Hatboy had not seen Jaws before, although it’s likely none of it was really a surprise to her.

A real classic, and fun to see all over again. I’d forgotten how horrifying and graphic the death-scenes were, with the screaming and the flailing. Of course, the less said about how little any of this movie intersected with the reality of shark attacks, the better, but it was fun to see. And it’s fair to say that at least 30% of my creeping horror of going in the water of my native Perth is to do with this silly movie. The other 70% is to do with there actually being sharks, and those sharks actually killing people. But okay. Hollywood.

I was also amused to see the origins of the Bad Hat Harry film productions logo and catchphrase. I had no idea that was a thing.

That's some bad hat, Harry.

But there it is.

I’d seen the iconic fingers-scratched-down-blackboard scene, as well, in numerous places without realising it came from Jaws, complete with the little drawing of a shark. I’d seen it most recently on The Simpsons, where Bart comes up with the “steal Sir Oinks-a-lot” prank, and the blackboard had a drawing of a pig on it. Hilarious.

What else was funny? Oh, apparently the weird shower of pink meteors that show up on the blu-ray at around nightfall on board the Orca, that was for real. Very cool. I mean, it would be weird if that stuff was added in, because it just looks cheesy … but a real meteor shower? Why not?

Anyway, fun movie. Real classic. Hilarious rubber-shark action.

I will conclude on a down-note, with a no-no-no-noooo of the day: looks like Frozen is getting some sort of sequel.

Well, okay, it’s just a seven-minute short. I guess that’s fine. In this sense it’s more like bonus material at the end of the credits or on the DVD special release, than an actual sequel. Although …

“In addition to the seven-minute short, a feature-length sequel is also rumoured to be in the works along with a stage production, with Idina Menzel (Queen Elsa) reportedly confirming in December that the projects are both going ahead.”

No-no-no-noooo …

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