Day 39. Nope nope nope.

Well, this was the weekend from Hell. Since Thursday afternoon, everybody in the house has had a turn at being sick. This has ranged from Mrs. Hatboy and Toop, with their coughs and fever, to Wump and her massive bed-vomit on Thursday night, to me being bedridden with fever through Saturday. I apparently wrote a blog post sometime last night to post up here, but when I looked at it again I realised it made very little sense. And not even in that surreal “feverish and confused” sort of way.

So. Nothing written this weekend. At all. So I’m falling behind on my book 1 and book 2 sets. But I’ll bounce back and get on with it. Just need to get some time. Which is a problem right now, with things being so busy at work and so impossible after hours.


Metrics: sad on many levels.

So, nothing to add for now. Gonna get back to work if I can. Got a steep climb ahead of me, but this next book is super-fun. And book 2 is finally almost finished. Getting my edits and cover done took longer than expected. Longer than it took me to write the damn book.

*stern glance at all involved*

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