Ramblin’ Thursday

Day 29. 70 pages, 33,518 words.

Book is dropping off a bit, I don’t know whether I have suffered by going for the order-from-the-publishers-and-sell-for-cash option. It has lined my wallet a bit, but it comes at the expense of Amazon stats. Haven’t gotten any more reviews lately (hey, all of you, go and read the book and give me an Amazon review! Go now!), and not really following the sales but the ranking has dropped off.

Book 3 going strong.

On the other hand, the actual writing is going nicely so I’m not too worried about the bollocks.

I think I may have to move to the option, for my Luddite friends (and for possible library and signing tours later this year), of getting copies of the book from Amazon. It will cost me more, so I will need to move up from charging €10 to charging €15 or even €20 to make it worth my time and money. I’ll have to check the ratios, see how much it costs for bulk postage and how that divides up into the n books I buy at $11 each from Amazon.

Stabby stabby.

Or I could step up my game in the meaningfully-stabbing-things message-sending area.

In the meantime, hopefully the new book will be ready soon. I’ve implemented the editorial comments I’ve received and am now just waiting on the cover, which is looking great. Maybe that will help things along. I’ve been reliably informed that every new book on the market increases general visibility and sales. And the next book is, if I do say so myself, a bit of a killer.

Not sure if I’ll go with the pre-order option this time. Need to have the cover and text ready before going to pre-order, so any pre-order duration is just delaying the actual release. But I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it a couple of weeks’ pre-order? Just to see if it gets some interest, and give myself a final chance to make fixes? Well, not sure how much I can fix – once you set the pre-order it seems to be that you can’t change the files out again – but maybe you can. Don’t know. Maybe I mis-read that bit.

To be continued.

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