Ramblin’ Tuesday

Day 27. 66 pages, 31,359 words.

Here are some more random and uninspired points:

Wump is going to dance classes now, or the four-year-old equivalent. First class was yesterday afternoon, and she came home tired but of the general opinion that it had been “kiva”. She’s also doing music classes, but had a minor crisis about maybe not wanting to do it anymore and maybe wanting to try something else, so she’s trying both for a while and then we’ll see if she likes either one better, or either one at all.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Hatboy sat down (amidst my whining and complaining as detailed in my previous post) and booked our flights and accommodation in London in May. So, we are actually doing it, going there for the weekend and catching up with some old friends, then heading back to work on Monday and putting in another five or six weeks before soaring off towards Australia for the summer.

We’re watching Broadchurch on Netflix right now. It’s a surreal experience, although not really through any fault of the show itself. The cast is a bit of a Doctor Who reunion, the plot is pretty bleak and yet compelling, and once Mrs. Hatboy compared it to the surface-premise of Twin Peaks I have been unable to stop looking for parallels.

"That's just a blank piece of paper."

Also, every time Tennant shows one of the townsfolk his police badge, I can’t help but think psychic paper.

But yeah, it’s really very cool and it looks like there’s a second season, so hopefully that will be worth a watch. I was rather expecting a more standard one-case-per-episode detective show, but that would have been a bit jarring with the small-town surrounding. This single plot arc is an interesting way to go, and – as mentioned – I think one of the last times I’ve seen that has been Twin Peaks.

Not so much of that here, though, despite my search for points of comparison.

Off to the office for the day. Let’s see who’s left for me to catch up with.

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8 Responses to Ramblin’ Tuesday

  1. brknwntr says:

    You might give True Detective a shot.

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