Ramblin’ Monday

Day 26. 64 pages, 30,464 words.

Morning, campers.

Well, this weekend was one of those weekends where Mrs. Hatboy is probably lying in bed right now, wondering why the Hell she’s bothered to stay married to me. I do think I was a decent dad, looking after Toop quite a bit, and playing with Wump a heap, both in the house and outside in the snow, but I was also short-tempered and a jerk a lot of the time.

Well, what can I say. Stress and a big build-up of other negative stuff, not really anyone’s fault. Last week my one day each fortnight when I get the evening off to write (without having to get up at 3 in the morning) was rearranged without me being informed, so it was suddenly sprung on me when I wasn’t ready. I’m getting pretty good at impromptu writing though, so I pulled out my phone and banged out a thousand words or so. And I’ve managed to do the same a few times this weekend, while walking (got a nice dose of that done) and while sitting in front of the TV. So it’s been fine, really.

This coming week, though – lots of stuff to get through at work, and not much in the way of time off. And that’s fine. Indeed, if anything, I need to give Mrs. Hatboy more time off. She’s forever dealing with the kids, and even though she’s on maternity leave (indeed, especially because she’s on maternity leave) she needs some time off. I need to volunteer a bit more. It’s just … not just the lack of sleep that makes me tired, I guess. I’m nothing if not selfish.

Anyway, I say “lying in bed” above, like I’m not there because, obviously, hello. I’m not. I’m sitting at my computer, stubbornly writing a book (with an occasional break to check Facebook and scribble random crap on this blog). I convinced Mrs. Hatboy to let me try to pull an all-nighter, so let’s see if I still have it in me the way I did when I was 20.

And of course, now, by “convinced her” I mean “I whined and cried and complained like a big sissy until she let me”. And no, Mrs. Hatboy doesn’t really “let” me do things – or she “lets” me do whatever I want, really[1] – she’s just the sane one who points out that I am going to crash and burn, and get super-tired, and that she has to put up with more grumping because I crashed and burned. So yes, with those warnings and objections aside, she said I could do as I pleased, and didn’t seem to be too mad about it. Or, you know, mad at all. I guess we’ll see how she feels when I am dog-tired and grumbling tomorrow, and she has had a nightmare night with Wump and Toop, and then had to drive them around places all day, and I have failed to get the groceries and make dinner when I shamble in from my own attempted work-shift.

[1] Or “on reals”, as Wump says.

It’s now been Australia Day for about half an hour, as I write this. That is, Finland time. In Perth it has been Australia Day for about five and a half hours, I think. I wonder how much of a huge embarrassing mess it will be this year. I wonder if Taylor Swift got onto the Triple J Hottest 100 song list.

No, I’ll try to get the dinner ready. Least I can do.

Well, back to it.

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5 Responses to Ramblin’ Monday

  1. dreameling says:

    Good luck with the all-nighter, dude. I forget, did you drink coffee? I’m thinking you ought to. I’m saving my one all-nighter per year (’cause that’s all I can handle at this late age) for Oscar night. I’m off to bed, but you have a good one, sir.

    Btw., it’s all book-y creative work, this night, right? You’re not actually also working for The Lion?

    • stchucky says:

      Book work tonight, old chum. I’m most certainly not getting paid enough to do an all-nighter for the Lion.

      Coffee, coke, energy drink … although I’m trying not to have too much of it tonight. If I feel awful I won’t get any writing done anyway, no point in poisoning myself, so will go to sleep and take this up again in the morning. So far so good though.

      Man, I can already tell this is a way more grown-up all-nighter than when I was 20.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Even when frustrated, tired, and busy you still write very entertaining stuff, so I have confidence in you and this book.

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