That Time I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)

Day 23. 57 pages, 26,952 words.

The other morning I had the sort-of-fun idea of making a little YouTube mash-up video, featuring Buckminster (the amusing weasel from Ice Age 3) doing some of his funny commando moves and crazy anecdote-relating antics, set to the tune of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus[1]. It would work quite nicely, I thought, since there are already “funny Buck moments” videos all over the net. Anyway, turns out it didn’t really work for me. I just don’t have the tech savvy. Also, I’m just born evil.


So this will have to do.

[1] Hey, if you ignore the weird pornographic music video[2], it’s a bizarrely 80s-style-catchy little tune, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s hilarious in conjunction with the Buckminster clips, and it’s been lampooned brilliantly so many times already, it is good for an automatic laugh.

[2] Not saying you have to ignore it, just … if you want to.

It all seemed so fun and easy. It was going to be great! YouTube even has this video editing program where you can drag your video, drag your audio, and it’ll mash them together and put the new video on your channel.

The only catch is – and I admit I didn’t really study the whole feature for very long so there might be a simple solution, but I had to go to work – it seems you need to actually have those videos up on your channel already, so you can drag them from there into the editing frames. So I was sort of obliged to get both of those videos onto my channel.

Only way I could think of to do that (apparently just watching them, even subscribing to the host channels, isn’t enough) was to download the videos and then upload them again onto my channel. So what the heck, I did that.

That’s when I got an unfriendly pair of bounce messages from YouTube, saying that I had been caught in an act of Copyright Skullduggery, and my videos had been blocked.

Never mind that the Buckminster video mash-up was already a vid-grab from the movie and absolutely a violation of copyright. Never mind that it was all just a bit of fun and I would have just used the original videos if I could have, all credit and pretend-royalties to the creators.

Today I am a fugitive. Outside the law. Living on the edge. Just waiting for The Man to come and break down my door and drag me away to the big house. The pokey. The slammer.

Old … Jaily.

Oh well – as it happens, the mash-up video I wanted to use didn’t have the uvula-swinging scene I wanted to have a giggle about anyway. Which is sad because it really is one of Buckminster’s funnier moments. So never mind. Maybe it was in the “best moments, Part 2” video that was apparently taken down due to copyright infringement. Even though this same guy’s page has Part 1 and that is probably also a violation, right?

At least my partner in crime got closer than I did! He actually has a black-screen removal notice on his channel! I didn’t even get that! The fuzz were all over me the second I started the upload! It was a raid! A bust! A sting!


Take that, The Man!

And so begins my life of crime.

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2 Responses to That Time I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Dude you’ve just scratched the surface of youtube’s shenanigans. Until video that is your own content has been blocked for copyright concerns, you haven’t really lived.

    • stchucky says:

      Gold, is that down to your musical videos? Maybe once you’re good enough, you sound so close to the original that they think it’s a copy? Shit, I don’t know.

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