Hatboy and the Activist Circus Worm-Girl: A Dream

Day 21. 53 pages, 25,278 words.

Now, on the Tuesday night a few weeks ago I had another dream. This one was even weirder than the last one.

I was out walking, along the normal route I take around the village on my daily stroll. Just heading down the hill towards the creek, I happened to notice a big cluster of snails arranged along the roadside, in the drainage ditch. There was about twenty of them, and they were huge – shells about the size of tennis balls, I’d say, and big fat bodies. And they were albinos – white shells, white bodies, creepy red eye-stalks.

I was fascinated, and sort of walked along the edge of the ditch looking at them and trying to figure out what the story was. Snails, slugs, worms and millipedes all seem to take turns (I’m talking about in real life now) gathering on the sides of the road around our village, during rain showers or just for no real reason at all, so I wasn’t sure if this was just more of the same. Then I saw the earthworm.

Now, this was huge. And when I say ‘huge’, I mean it was well over a hundred metres long and as big around as my own torso. It was in the ditch, sort of squirming along, and I followed its body down the hill to the tail-end, which was sort of lumpy and weird, then back up towards the head, which I hadn’t seen previously but was up near where the snails had been. I guess it had been underground or something and now it was emerging. To be honest, I was a bit scared that I would get to the head-end and it would killer-leech me to death.

But it didn’t, because the head end was human. Torso, arms and head, anyway. It was a perfectly normal, completely unfamiliar blonde-haired girl in a T-shirt, like a centaur made of a giant earthworm instead of a horse. She said she was a conservationist of sorts and had made it her job to help get the animals – like the snails – to safety when they gathered like this.

Well, that was some weird crap. I’m not used to my dreams turning into public service announcements about endangered wildlife. In the next part of the dream, worm-girl sort of got discovered and became part sideshow freak, part celebrity conservationist sensation. It was all pretty jumbled but I was instrumental somehow in helping her find a comfortable life and a place to stay, and helping her to become accepted by the general public and all that. I guess you could say I was worm-centaur-environmentalist’s manager for a time. Quite a feather in my imaginary CV, yeah?

We parted ways as friends, and that was sort of the end of the dream.

Not entirely sure what that was all about, and not entirely sure I want dream-analysis. But that made two freaky-arse dreams in as many nights. Fun stuff.

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6 Responses to Hatboy and the Activist Circus Worm-Girl: A Dream

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Dude we just celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday and you get on here with your “I have a dream” stuff? Too soon…too soon….

  2. brknwntr says:

    THAT’S IT! no more watching Tremors just before bed time! Although that was a week ago. either its unrelated, or your subconscious is just slow off the starting block.

    • stchucky says:

      Nice, but you missed the part where I said this dream happened weeks ago. So my subconscious may actually be precognitive.

      Earthworm Centaur Environmentalist was definitely not Graboid-based, though.

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