It’s a Sunday!

Day 18. 45 pages, 20,496 words.

Nothing much going on this weekend, not foreseeing that I get much time to write but oh well. Things are going along smoothly. I’m quite pleased with the way book 3 is taking shape and while I have encountered some interesting challenges in addressing some of the plot arcs before they can get too out of hand, it has still basically been telling itself. I am beginning to understand why authors of huge epics run into trouble – once a book is in print, it’s nailed down and you have to follow its rules. Just another reason why it’s probably a better idea to write the whole series before publishing!

Or in this case, keep it simple.

On Sunday Mrs. Hatboy and I are due to head into Helsinki with Toop, to catch up with a really obscure friend who is visiting from the UK. It’s actually one of those cases where I am friends with this woman on Facebook, and so when the chance to meet face-to-face arises, I like to take it. I have a few online friends who I have never met in person, but only due to lack of opportunity. Now that social media is part of my life, I don’t really go in for this “collecting hundreds and thousands of ‘friends’ who I’ll never really interact with or know” malarkey.

Anyway, this lady is a friend of a friend who I connected with on Facebook due to some vague cancer connection, and then stayed friends with due to a mutual interest in Nightwish and anecdoting about our crazy kids. She’s heading to Finland as part of her Nightwish-related publicity gig, or possibly just for a holiday, I don’t know. Going to find out. Also there are a bunch of New Zealanders apparently coming, so that should be entertaining.

In other news, the MEFA Festival is gearing up again for 2015.

They ought to get this guy to attend.
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2 Responses to It’s a Sunday!

  1. thelinza says:

    Go directly to the Seahorse do not pass go do not collect an embarrassingly icy trek through Suomenlinna.

    Do not ask for anecdotes about an embarrassingly icy trek through Suomenlinna.

    And in my own defense, I can’t tell when she approves or disapproves of an idea.

    • stchucky says:

      I assume this means something to somebody. Carol did mention Suomenlinna was cold. I suggested this was because she went there on one of the 364.5 days each year when it was cold there.

      Also, classic Northern English (I had no idea!). You’re not supposed to know when they approve. You’re just meant to take it as read that they don’t.

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