Wump’s Magic Sword

Day 14. 36 pages, 16,099 words.

The following is a transcript of actual events.

“I see you have a sword there.”


“Pretty impressive.”

“Yep. It’s magic.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. This part shoots fire.”

“Fire? Nice.”

“And ants, and byäk candy.”

“Wow, the worst kind of candy.”

“And lava.”

“Holy crap.”

“And this part shoots ice, and Supermans, and salt, and buzzy bees.”

“Salt? And did you say ‘Supermans’?”


“To be honest, the fact that it shoots Supermans sort of makes all the other features superfluous.”

“Also it’s quite spikey.”

“I see.”

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5 Responses to Wump’s Magic Sword

  1. stchucky says:

    * byäk: Finnish. adj. yucky.

  2. dreameling says:


    The following is also a transcript of actual events (in Finnish baby phonetics).

    “Careful now.”


    “Yeah, you do that.”

    “Tätätätä-tä-tätätä. Tä.”

    “Say again?”

    “Bäbäbäbäbäbä. Aaauuuooooooääää.”



    “Um, sure.”


    “That’s my girl.”


  3. thelinza says:

    To be fair, a combination of candy, ants, and bees could be more painful than the other things. The other things give a quick death; being slowly eaten / stung to death by a bunch of bugs, that takes awhile.

    I like how she thinks. I welcome our new overlord.

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