The Six Species

Day 10. 26 pages, 11,116 words.

So, this took way longer to scan and clean up and cut-paste than it should have. Anyway, here it is. My modest illustration of the main players in the Final Fall of Man. I didn’t do separate drawings for Molran, Blaran and Bonshoon, because they’re all essentially the same (I know, that’s totally racist). And I didn’t draw the Damorakind, or any of the assorted sideline-species and other bits and pieces.

Maybe next time.

Molran, human, aki'Drednanth and Fergunakil.

Void – Space, circa mid-Third Age. All a bit monochrome, isn’t it?

This is just to show that not only do I have to illustrate the entire damn universe, I need to do future versions of it as well. Great.

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2 Responses to The Six Species

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    What about Contro? Can you draw a member of the race Contro for us? =D

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