How the Week was Won

Day 9. 23 pages, 10,133 words.

Well, with one thing and another it’s been a pretty sad and sorry week. Crappy things happening in the world. A lot of people yelling at each other about what everybody should think about said crappy things, and how everybody is wrong to feel a certain way about them, and what it even means to see news about one thing but not another. In this day and age of targeted news and advertising, the quality of our characters can easily come under fire for the world issues that filter through to our computers. Are we supposed to go looking for more horror?

Maybe. Maybe that would make us better people in the eyes of the fuzzy-wuzzies. I don’t know.

Seems like we need more perspective in our lives.

What we all really need is a quick smack in the back of the head … but I’m not the one making the decisions, I guess.

Also, deadlines are still approaching and work is still mounting up, a weekend with no free time is ahead and a mess of a week behind, Toop seems to be teething so a series of screaming-fit-and-sleep-refusal has combined disastrously with my attempted early-rise-and-write regimen, the weather is crappy and bla bla bla, bitch bitch bitch.

Yesterday, I got home from work – or actually I was obliged to leave work early to look after the girls while Mrs. Hatboy provided taxi service – to find Wump drawing a birthday card for one of our second cousins who is having a birthday this weekend. Wump then decided to draw a drawing for me, since I seemed down.

The drawing she ended up creating for me was … well, I’ve scanned it below. In this drawing, you can see Wump (top) jumping on Papa (bottom) as part of a wrestling game on the black background of Mama and Papa’s bed. Wump’s and Papa’s mouths are both open as they are shouting “WHAAAAAA”. Framing the picture is Papa’s braid.



It also turned out to be a prophetic drawing, as well as a fantastic one. As she handed it to me, she informed me that it was totally going to come true.

Then we went and bounced on the bed for a while and Wump did her best to break my spine by riding horseback on me.

And so my day – and my week – was saved.

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3 Responses to How the Week was Won

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Awesome. Yeah, I can totally recover from most bad news when either of my girls tries to cheer me up. Hang in there, man. I sent you a great deadpool video, on top of the other thing. Watch the deadpool video, worry about the other email later.

    • stchucky says:

      Oh Deathstroke. So lame. So ahead of your time. So not-quite-Deadpool.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Well, not knowing much about either beforehand–though more about Deadpool–I would say the makers of that video agree with you. I do hope you have seen it, it’s quite excellent. I loved Deadpool in it, I hope it was accurate.

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