Another Rambly, Statusey One

Day 7. 18 pages, 7,581 words.

Slow day on the writing, had a day off on Tuesday and although I did actually make a lot of notes, most of them are going into the larger spanning story-arc to appear in later books. So that sort of counts, but just not towards this story.

Still, I’m quite happy.

Yesterday was fun. I think my Eejit-based Cards Against Humanity set was a bit of a varied success, since they were a) pretty tame compared to the existing cards; b) a bit over-length and wordy and difficult to read; c) rather dependent on players having read the book, which is still a bit of a bold assumption at this early stage.

Oh well, it was fun anyway. Now we just need to get some more cards printed off from the net, and a mess of card pockets to put them all in, and then we’ll be set. The PDF is a bit weird too, the resulting cards don’t cut out and fit very well into card-sleeves. It might end up being a better idea to make a PNG version and add text in Paint each time, and print that. At least then I would be getting the size I need.

Well, this is a boring sort of a topic for a blog post. They can’t all be winners.

Yesterday was good, anyway. Like I said. A lot of excellent food (USian-style chilli, corn bread, eggnog, and a killer chocolate cake), some fun viewing (Blazing Saddles and the Doctor Who Christmas Special, to be continued on that one), and like I also said, fun game.

Now back to work.

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