The Final Fall of Cards Against Humanity

Day 6. 17 pages, 7,287 words.

Today’s effort is digital in format, and includes three new PDFs of Eejit-based (or Final Fall of Man-based) Cards Against Humanity cards: one sheet of question cards, two of answers.

cards_against_humanity_eejit_black (2)

cards_against_humanity_eejit_white (3)

cards_against_humanity_eejit_white (4)

Enjoy! I am going to be taking these babies over to a friends’ place today for our day off, and we will give it a play in between watching the Doctor Who Christmas special and Blazing Saddles. Also chili and egg nogg. Full report later, and more additions and changes to come. We really need to play it before I can see what sort of tweaks I need to make to the phrasing and the basic tone of the cards.

These are not as tasteless and awful as many of the Card Against Humanity basic sets are, of course. That’s just a fact. But again – working on it.

Woo hoo!

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