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Day 5. 16 pages, 6,240 words.

Ugh, this morning. Toop decided to wake up at about the same time I did – 04:30 – and have a scream, at which point Wump also woke up and started to whine, and Mrs. Hatboy started to lose her crap, so I sat and watched some TV with Toop in my lap in the hopes at least one of them would get back to sleep.

None of them did, so I came to work an hour or so later and left them to their ordeal. Poor things.

Still, this was another fun and busy weekend, although I was lucky enough to get time to sit and write on my phone a little as well. My nephew ‘Walder’ just turned one year old so we attended a party for him, and then we had a party at Bar Äijä’s to celebrate the roleplay group’s big campaign coming to an end. Special points to Kristiina for turning up dressed as one of her characters, and to Sanna for blitzing everyone in Cards Against Humanity.

I have to say I had been looking forward to seeing this group play Cards Against Humanity for a long time. They know why.

Much fun was had and a marvellous medieval feast was cooked up by Mrs. Hatboy, including venison and a leg of lamb and all the non-potato olde-worlde vegetables and all, and a solid drinking effort was put in by most. It’s amazing, incidentally, how big a difference it makes to a Bloody Mary if you leave out the Worcestershire sauce, and I want to apologise personally, and on behalf of the establishment, to all the people I forced to drink nasty Worcestershireless drinks before I realised I was missing an ingredient. That was poor bartending.

Sunday was basically lazy, and so here we are.

I actually listened in a little while on the Iron Sky: The Coming Race Google Hangout event in the closing hours of their fundraising campaign this morning. They reached their goal and held a live video feed for several hours, drinking bourbon and rambling about the movie. I’m just hopeful that the movie will actually happen now, since I have contributed to the campaign. They say 2016, so that’s something to look forward to.

It was all really quite exciting to see. And I’ll be getting a special edition blu-ray and the board game to go along with the warm glow of knowing that I helped the movie to become a reality.

I’m still not sure whether I am ready to send a direct e-mail or join them on the Hangout. I’d better get to work.

I also learned that the director was interested in making the Hyperion series into his “Lord of the Rings”, if the opportunity arose. Heck, I’d watch that.

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