Lazy Daily Facebook Funnies

The last few days have been great, despite my grumbling. It’s dropped to -15°C now and Wump has a bit of a cold, but the sledding has been fantastic.

Stiga: ready


I even managed to assemble the machine despite the horrible instructions, and so it did not fall apart the instant a 4-year-old sat on it.

Minor mishaps

Or, as it happens, crashed on it. Several times.

Wump reacted well to her tumbles, after a bit of a cry the first time she decided to just keep on sledding even when I gave her the option of going home for warm cocoa (I know, I’m such a hideous softie sometimes). Which is more than I can say for my own sledding mishap. On the other hand, that one did land me in the emergency room with a weird woozy feeling, a smashed nose and a head wound.

Indeed, on her second lucky tumble into a heavily-wooded area, Wump declared that she wanted to go hiking into the forest. A plan I managed to talk her out of, if only because I was under-dressed for sledding, let alone forest-hiking.

So, it’s been a fun break with the firstborn. Toop, on the other hand, has responded to her chicken pox by also having some massive, massive baby-poos. She normally manages to keep it in her nappy but lately things have been getting out of hand. If you’ll pardon the entirely-intentional expression.

Nectar Feet.

I had to post this one, though, because of the Eejit reference.

Now back to work!

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