Friday, Sometime (Again) in the 21st Century

Just a quick one today, snatching some Mopho Caketime on my lunch break.

Busy day, lots happening but not much I can report on yet. Had some good news on the book front, my cousin-in-law will be putting in a good word for me at local libraries and trying to book some tours and book-sale opportunities, both with me visiting the place and with the libraries ordering the books. By then, I should have two books to plug.

Some bad news, too, but I can’t talk about it right now. Let’s just say it’s more of the same as my workplace steadily faces its challenges, but it isn’t something I can publicise. I’m not fired … yet.

Been a rough week, though. Lots of work, lots to come through the Christmas season, no end in sight. Lots of bad shit in the world that I am trying not to absorb. Lots of lost sleep.

Yesterday, however, I got home from the office in little over an hour. By bus. That is a not-so-minor miracle. Yes, I had to run through Helsinki, I was lucky to get matching-up bus schedules, and I took the bus that drops me right by my door so I didn’t get a decent walk. But yes, it is possible. Sometimes good things happen to nice people.

Gotta go.

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3 Responses to Friday, Sometime (Again) in the 21st Century

  1. Linza says:

    I don’t know how my company feels about foreign contractors, since they have to comply with US government regulations on a whole mess of things (being a government contractor), but I can drop your CV here if you want. They regularly need technical writers.

    And with all the adjustmenting of timescales that happens here, I’m sure that you could do the work while sleepwalking backwards on a treadmill.

    • stchucky says:

      Thanks, every little bit counts. And I sort of already work for a USian company.

      I am, however, starting to think that if I can’t continue technical writing here in this company, I will just have to become a rodeo clown for real. In which case you probably still know where you can send my CV.

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