Mondays, case of

A case of the Mondays.

Still waiting on pictures and updates as the report takes shape, so here’s another random space-filler and Facebook-joke. I’m still on hiatus, technically, so am trying to focus on writing for work rather than here on my home computer.

Still getting a little bit done, but sadly have not had much of an opportunity to get creative writing exercises going for the daily blog. Sorry about that, everyone (and hey, I can sort of say ‘everyone’ these days, without hyperbole – last time I checked, there were 90 subscribers to this blog! Woo, how about you call go and buy three copies of my latest book now?).

But yeah, still just resting, waiting, trying to focus on the office work until the Christmas panic is all over with. Hence my case of the Mondays. Almost time to switch off here, and go to my work desk.

In other random news, I do appreciate it when my friends post up fun sciencey-stuff on their Facebook walls. It is an easy and entertaining alternative to research, and gives me some very cool material to work with. The universe is indeed a weird and staggering place, and not just those parts of it inside the Goldilocks Zone.

Different worlds, different rains.

Also, I made a funny.

Carry on.

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