Saturday wacky

I just thought of this, because the George RR Martin newsgroup is awake again for the first time in ages, with a minor kerfuffle about Martin apparently telling someone to fuck off because he doesn’t like it when people speculate about his life expectancy and who will carry on his work when he dies.

Totally unreasonable, right? What an old grouch.

Funny fact, back in the day I wrote a piece of fan-fiction featuring a buddy of mine as a myrddraal from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (speaking of carrying on the artist’s work when he dies). It was funny because my friend was pale and skinny and we all had a good laugh.

He had a black Shayol Ghûl blade, and had nicknamed it Stormbringer Sting Snaga, after three famous weapons of modern fantasy.

The other day, I learned that Snaga, the infamous axe of Druss, was actually already a pop reference of sorts. Did you know that snaga was an orc word for slave? It was what the big orcs called the smaller ones.

Maybe you did know that.

Anyway, it’s another weekend away from the computer. I think we’re chopping wood most of the day today. Which is probably going to be a bummer (I pre-write), because I had a double-header former-customer and departing-colleagues pair of Christmas parties last night. Not feeling particularly sparky, but it’s one of those “drink like grim death” sort of events that will either result in me going home early, or possibly staying really late and then not being fit to handle heavy machinery today.

Guess we’ll see.

[Follow-up: Ended up being a weird old night, will blog it up tomorrow. Long story short, got home at about 04:00 and yet am not hungover.]

Happy Independence Day, Finland.

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5 Responses to Saturday wacky

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Chopping wood…no wonder you were thinking of Snaga, might have been a bit handy. Interesting, too, that you were going to write about that night but, looking at your next blog…LIFE intervened. Argh.

    And Martin is a punk and needs to get his priorities straight. I know someone who could finish off his series, if he weren’t so damn busy trying to finish off his own series!

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, in the end I had time to write it out after I’d already vented, but not to do anything else. So I will post it today.

      And weirdly, we did an afternoon’s wood-splitting without actually handling an axe. Just chainsaw and logs and this big hydraulic splitting machine. It was totally wimpy. My father-in-law’s new toy. Certainly takes the pain out of it (aside from lifting giant logs onto the table), but the axe is part of the fun. We only split them to a certain size so I can continue with an axe for the smaller stuff.

    • stchucky says:

      And Martin is a punk and needs to get his priorities straight. I know someone who could finish off his series, if he weren’t so damn busy trying to finish off his own series!

      Oh, and thanks for that (I arrogantly assume). I’m not sure I have it in me to write an ending for Martin, but your comment could just as easily apply to Sanderson and I would trust him with the job.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Well yeah I meant you, but good call on Sanderson. He’s an old hand at this now, lol.

        And yeah, what a tangled web Martin has woven…would be a huge mess to resolve. Which is probably why he ain’t doing it, the lazy bum.

      • stchucky says:

        It’s a brilliant argument on the newsgroup right now. I have been told I have been spending too much time on and have been brainwashed and should spend more time on unmoderated forums. Plus the kid thinks my posting handle is actually Butterbumps (well, it is, but anyone who doesn’t know that Butterbumps = Chucky is clearly a monstrous noob).

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