Fever dream

Early this morning I had a dream.

I’d gone to a big soccer tournament with some friends and family. This wasn’t any normal soccer tournament, happy to say – each of the teams were dressed up in wacky and awesome outfits, each team with a theme. It was very cool, sort of like those bizarre mercenary groups in A Dance With Dragons.

Speaking of mercenaries, yes, there was a Deadpool team, which was funny because I was in my Edpool regalia. Each of the teams sort of cycled through the field one at a time, introducing themselves. We had a laugh.

After that, I was strolling around the stalls and outskirts of the fields, and I met Bill Nighy. We walked and talked for a while. I remember asking him if a team of Deadpools was the sign of the imminent collapse of modern western society. He said he didn’t think so. Conversation moved on naturally to discussion of the British Royal Family, old guard versus new guard, and then the Royal Family through history.

I admitted that the only knowledge I had of the British Royals in history was based entirely on Blackadder.

So then we traded Blackadder quotes for a while.

Yeah, so I came down sick yesterday. Skipped out of work in the afternoon, lay in bed with a fever and weird stomach action going on. So unfair. I’m this close to getting the book finished.

Long story short, I’ve left off the word count for today because I’m home sick today and I’m planning on getting it done this afternoon, and then I will update.


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