Marketing: Phase Two Point Five

Day 65. 184 pages, 90,682 words.

Oh lawdy lawd. So yesterday, I was out walking when inspiration struck in the form of a horrible, wonderful, brilliant idea.

And so I got home and I sat down and I scribbled out these.

I give you: Cards Against Humanity – The Eejit Expansion.

cards_against_humanity_eejit_black (1)

cards_against_humanity_eejit_white (1)

cards_against_humanity_eejit_white (2)

Yes, I wrote out some question-and-answer PDFs for people to print out and add to their Cards Against Humanity decks.

Please continue and add your own suggestions – either by commenting here, contacting me in one of the numerous other ways available, or by just going to the Cards Against Humanity site and making your own PDFs.


And a bonus icon. In a pear tree.
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4 Responses to Marketing: Phase Two Point Five

  1. Linza says:

    Z-Lin approves of this deck expansion.

  2. Linza says:

    Also, lol gas giants.

  3. aaronthepatriot says:

    Jizz. In. My. Pants.

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