Marketing: Phase Two

Day 64. 177 pages, 87,279 words.

So yesterday the good people at Indie Author News launched a little advertising piece on my book. I have been rushed for time so the texts are just a bit of a mash-up of the back cover blurb and prologue, since they seem pretty fun.

The (news) story will be hosted on their site, I’m getting a “book of the day” promo later on, and in the meantime they are splashing it all up and down Twitter and – presumably – a few of the other social media regions I don’t venture into very often. Which is nice.

Don’t get too excited though, they’re all amazing. We paid them to say they’re amazing. I mean, sure, my book really is amazing … but I don’t think these guys are fully aware of that.

If nothing else, they have a way bigger following than I do, everywhere, so even if their tweets and stuff are just spam, they’re spamming more people than I am with my possibly-more-thoughtful, definitely-more-wordy spam on Facebook and blog. And the tweets are getting some retweets, despite their occasional misspellings, so more people are actually seeing the book, which is nice. I like this crowd and hope anyone who finds the book through them will enjoy the read. It’s also worth checking out the main site for a lot of good publishing advice and a whole mess of other new books and authors every day.

But they’re here to plug my book, I’m not here to plug their site. Although I guess the two are a mutual-benefit sort of deal. I don’t know, I’m new to this.

I’m going to get back to work and see what happens next.

Phase Three still in formation.

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