Rook, Pig, God

Day 59. 150 pages, 73,564 words.


Çrom stood beneath the Rook and said,

O, why am I forsaken?

Why the tears and why the blood,

and all my loves a-taken?


The Rook looked Çrom straight in the eye,

and said, Thou sore mistaken,

for I but feast upon the dead;

Naught lie here by my making.


Çrom stood above the Pig and said,

Why must my life be slaughter?

For who has butchered all my men,

my womenfolk and daughters?


The Pig looked up, and with a laugh

said Ere long I shall be quartered!

‘Tis not by choice we walk this path

Nor spill our lives like water.


Çrom knelt before the God and said,

Why must those near me fall?

Why must goodly people die,

Why must I bear the pall?


The God looked down, and not a sound

Çrom heard in that vast hall;

The God looked down, said not a word,

nay, not a word at all.


Rook, Pig, God, from The Ballad of Sorry Çrom.
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