The Tramp, now on social media

Day 56. 142 pages, 69,244 words. Shit, didn’t get anything written yesterday because I was messing around with marketing. And, you know, work.

Anyway, I consider it totally worthwhile, because I made a little marketing agreement with the Indie Author crowd (watch this space next week, they’re starting promotion), and I also played around with variations on the Facebook ‘Like’ icon for a couple of my characters. There are a few of these around, for various popular TV shows and books. Or in this case, both:

Inferior examples.


So I decided to go all out and make a few for my Eejit characters, using the latest in the ever-changing series of Facebook icons.

First up, Decay. Simple and classic:


Blaran anatomy makes it fun.

Then we have Glomulus Cratch, another distinctive one and – I’m quite proud of this – one I felt would be better as an animated .gif:


This is why I have no time.

Finally, I had a think about how I might best portray Controversial-To-The-End in terms of Facebook ‘Like’ icons, and ended up just going surreal:


Still quite pleased.

So that was what I did yesterday, as well as being flu-ey and sleeping in way too late (can you imagine, it was almost 08:00 when I got into the office?). We watched the last couple of episodes of the latest Doctor Who series on Tuesday night though, so I might have to chat about that.

Anyway, better get on with it.

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