Eyes on the plan

Day 51. 134 pages, 64,656 words.

Another busy weekend, as usual, although not as bad as many. After this week, I think it’s going to be relaxing no matter how little time I get to sit at my computer or with Mopho Cake III clutched in my sweaty little hands.

Still, I’m pre-writing my blog entries, just a little bit. That’s why they’re rambly and pointless and I know, it defeats the point of writing something every day if I binge-write and then post stuff in instalments, but the thing you need to remember about that is, fuck you.

Nah, but seriously, sometimes there’s just no time, and I have to make a choice between keeping up appearances here on the blog, or actually writing content for the next book, or just plain hanging out with the wife and kids. And that last option is obviously the one I have to go for whenever I can, even though I often make it seem like a lower preference. That’s just not the case. I mizzle and grumble and moan, but that’s where I’m happiest.

Okay, it’s a close call, and that’s awful to say. But it’s the difference between 99% happy and 98.5% happy, as opposed to the standard 65-75% happy that I am basically anywhere else, doing anything else. So take it as read that this is glowing praise for my girls, and let’s move on.

Speaking of the girls, the younger two both had a turn at being sick these past few days. Hopefully we manage to make them sleep enough since Wednesday to get them healthy again, so we can go to a party tonight (a bookshelf-emptying-book-getting-rid-of party, no less) and then maybe hit the swimming pool with Wump tomorrow.

That was a bad combination of figure-of-speech and onomatopoeic nickname there, and I’m sorry.

Well, that’s the plan for this weekend. Get the kids well, go to a party and collect free books, go swimming. And if I get even a little bit of stuff scribbled down on Mopho Cake III, then so much the better. If not – oh well. I’m still steaming on ahead.

Eejit, out now (again)

And I mentioned this was available now, right?
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