Status report

Day 48. 125 pages, 61,058 words.

Busy day at work today, with my technical difficulties finally sorted and documents actually starting to come due. Might have to sit for an extended time and be a tech writer monkey again, instead of the raw data collecting monkey I have been for a while now.

But you know, can’t talk about it in detail, on account of the having to kill you if I tell you anything rule. I don’t make the laws, I just try to live by them. One day at a time.

Just rambling for today. Toop has been going through a bit of a phase, as I mentioned, which has been landing me on the couch or forcing me to ignore my alarm and sleep in each morning, which cuts into the time I can spend writing. Which is a bummer because I’m getting steadily closer. My 70-day limit is approaching, and although I cheated a bit with Eejit – I did about 70,000 words in those 70 days, but the final product was about 90,000 words and took me a few weeks more – I think I will be able to hit the 90,000 with Drednanth inside the 70-day limit, and then do the same sort of editing I had done in the past. Or actual cutting.

Not that you want to cut much from a nugget of gold. It only makes the nugget smaller and contain less gold. Right?

All very exciting. So hopefully I will be able to get up early – I am pre-writing this as inspiration hits me on Tuesday – Wednesday morning and get on with it [follow-up: looks like I managed it]. And then on with book three!

Well, almost. Let’s see, where are we at?

Ongoing book progress, based on metrics

Yeah, I’m still collecting this shit.

Not too shabby, I have to say. Still need some spurring, hopefully at the end of this week when Eejit goes live I will get a little shot in the arm.

I wanted to peak a lot harder, but I’ll take this nice solid lead. I still have some hard work ahead of I want to bust that final ‘cheat’ 20,000 words Eejit got, though. That’s a tough final obstacle.

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