Oh wow

Day 47. 121 pages, 59,513 words.

Okay, so I admit I came late to Craig Ferguson’s stand-up and his interview show, stuff like that. Very remiss of me to have failed to acknowledge his humour value, all these years.

And I’m very sorry, because he is a funny guy.

But what you all don’t understand is, you all came late to Red Dwarf.

Because to me, there is no Craig Ferguson. There is only Dave Lister’s Confidence.

So the other day I was looking for a screenshot of Confidence, because I wanted to Photoshop a copy of Eejit into his hand and caption it. Something out of The Indling Song, obviously. And if you don’t know what The Indling Song is, then there is just no hope for you.


Anyway, something like this. That was the aim.

Yeah, that would make a nice – wait a second.

Who is that there?

Imagine my surprise at making this realisation.

No wonder I liked the guy! He’s Dave Lister’s Confidence.

Today’s bizarro mind-fuck brought to you by The British.

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6 Responses to Oh wow

  1. dreameling says:

    Craig’s the best. Possibly the funniest and most honest late-night talk show host I’ve ever seen. His cold opens and monologues can be pure gold. Damn shame he’s leaving the Late Late Show. December 19 will apparently be his exit.

    Did not know he was in Red Dwarf. Then again, I’ve never watched Red Dwarf. Do I now need to google The Indling Song?

  2. BRKN says:

    I came late to Red Dwarf, I didn’t discover it until the end of its run in the 90’s. It was my introduction to British comedy though. So I consider myself well blessed.

    • stchucky says:

      Nice! I first started in the mid-90s, about season 6 myself – the Starbug season – so I was actually pretty late to the game too. Went back to watch the rest on VHS, and discovered as so many have done in the past that the first few seasons were classics and the later seasons, while funny, were something of a drop-off.

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