Monday marketing

Day 46. 120 pages, 58,794 words. Not sure what happened there.

I have nothing much to report today, so I shall post another couple of Facebook sets.

Facebook spamming (2)

Fun times (1).

Facebook spamming (3)

Fun times (2).

Final few days of pre-order closing in, I broke the 30 barrier and I guess that’s pretty good for a completely unknown quantity of a book. Next step is getting the thing out there live, and working on some new marketing material which people will hopefully enjoy.

The promotion people finally got back to me and I’m not sure whether I’ll go with a ‘new release’ style deal or an ‘author interview’, I like the idea of interviewing but maybe for now I’ll just plug the book a bit. It’s less than €100 so I guess it’s not too bad.

It was Fathers’ Day in Finland yesterday. I got to be a selfish whining jerk for a day, which was nice. And I got some adorable gifts from my ladies, which was also nice, and a purely awesome lamb ribs dinner from my anoppi.

Also slept on the couch due to Toop going all shrieking banshee on us, which was less nice. Going to be a rough day today.

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6 Responses to Monday marketing

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Mixed news, sorry about Toop there man. But I’m really excited about all the book news! Not for you, as an author, but for me as a reader. Because that is how I roll.

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