Eejit reviewed

Day 45. 115 pages, 57,054 words.

Well, my blogging, authoring, reviewing pal was unable to contain himself and while the Amazon format is still off-limits while the book is up for pre-order, he had the tools at hand to get a review out anyway.

So, as long as you don’t mind some mild spoilers (and let’s face it, the double-headed eagle of the Hatstand’s comment-masters have already read the book too, so no spoilers there), check out this very flattering pre-review of Eejit.

I don’t have much to comment on here. I guess I was a little surprised by this interpretation, which seemed very deep and thoughtful. Really makes Edpool’s reviews of the Nysta series seem shallow! But I suppose I can’t argue with the undercurrent of workaday cynicism in the characters and plot, even if it’s giving me a bit too much credit to say it was entirely intentional. A lot of it, I’m sure, was a happy accident and a product of the environment (full-time office worker from July through to September when I wrote this thing, and not in the happiest workplace situation), you can’t help but carry a bit of your own life into a story. And of course, I did throw the occasional technical-writing joke in there along with the pop culture references, because you can never have too much of all that.

There’s also a case to be made for the reader bringing a lot of his or her own baggage into a story’s interpretation, and by day my first reviewer is a disgruntled IT worker.

With any luck, I won’t be able to counter-review and psychoanalyse every review I get, but in this case I felt I had to. And it’s all very exciting. Weirdly different to the first book I released. I guess that one was so personal and the telling and releasing was more important than any opinions, it wasn’t so much a story I was telling for people to enjoy, as a little bit of my life I thought people should know more about.

This one? Definitely a story for you to enjoy, which is why the reviews are going to have a different impact on me.

Always nice to start with a good one, even though I suppose this reviewer was always going to be positive.

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2 Responses to Eejit reviewed

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Excellent review and what I would have said, had I written a detailed review. I definitely felt those elements too…hmm could it be because I feel THE SAME about my job also, and have for years? LOL

    And the tone of that review was quite interesting for me, personally. Mister C, I hardly knew ye. LOL

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