Marketing continued (again)

Day 43. 111 pages, 55,282 words.

We’re down to about a week now, pre-orders are going well but they’ve slowed down after the initial rush, I’m trying to think of ways to give them a final push before we go live next Friday. I’m trying to get more people to share the links around, although social media doesn’t make it as easy as you’d think, when you see the “1, 2, 3, 4, … FILL IN THE NEXT NUMBER AND SHARE!” successes out there.

Maybe my respect for my friends, and humanity in general (I know, right!), is getting in the way of mass-sharing. Oh well. I’ll take that.

I’ve got a few other plans for once the book goes live. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be all that many people with kindles who want to pre-order the book (and fair enough, who but friends and family would pre-order a book sight unseen, even if it’s less than five bucks?), and they’re confused that the pre-order doesn’t apply to the paperback. That’s just the way it goes, unfortunately – pre-order for paperbacks is in the too-hard basket for independent publishers.

I’m personally pleased at how many people are interested in the paperback. I’m a fan of “real books” myself, although I am certainly happy to let the e-book crowd have the e-books they want. There’s a time and a place and I like to cater to all readers. At the moment I’ve drawn the line at “audio book”, but who knows what the future might bring?

It’s also been fun to watch my “big nine” start to realise that I really meant it when I said this story was happening.

The penny drops (1)

Dramatic re-enactment.

My friends don’t need to worry – the old Facebook joke was just a starting-point for this and I think it’s gone way past that point now. Beyond a joke, as they say. But it’s been great to see these characters emerge and become so immediately strong and independent. So much fun.

Now, I’m going to get back to it.

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