Cue “Wonder Years” music

Day 39. 95 pages, 47,326 words.

Yesterday was a bit of a mix of happy and sad. We took Wump into Helsinki, grabbed a table at the Hard Rock Cafe, and had a big old lunch.

Milkshakes at the Hard Rock Cafe

And some killer milkshakes. True story.

After lunch, while I enjoyed a second milkshake (this one chocolate-bourbon ice cream and cola), Wump’s favourite band got up on stage and played a few songs from their latest album and their classic collection.


I Facebooked it, because I’m sad. True story.

Wump wasn’t quite as into it as she has been in the past, a bit shy and not all that interested in getting up close to the stage. After the show, I went over with her for high-fives with the band as they came off-stage. Wump was a bit subdued again.

Afterwards, she told Mrs. Hatboy that it hadn’t really been Herra Hevisaurus, just a bloke in a costume. At which point we sort of had to tell her that this was about as real as Hevisaurus got, and “the real thing” in fact was four blokes and a woman in costumes, and had been all along.

Not entirely sure what Wump thought of that idea.

She still listened to the new Christmas single (kindly given to us by our waitress) all the way home, so maybe she’s always been about the music. Still, she’s passed Level 1 a long time since, and this must be … yep, Level 4. Appreciating Lordi for their music rather than their gimmicky costumes.

My little girl’s growing up. *sniffle*

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2 Responses to Cue “Wonder Years” music

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Aww! That is so cute, it wasn’t “really” him but just a bloke in a costume! LOL!

    And please, pass the bacon [milkshake]

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, it was a little bit sad but not as awkward as my nieces and their “I think there was a person inside Muumin” thing a few years back.

      I ended up wussing out on the milkshake. Actually the shakes were great but the food at Hard Rock Cafe (I had the Big Cheeseburger) wasn’t all that great, at least the stuff I had. Mrs. Hatboy’s fish & chips was pretty nice though. I got the leftovers.

      And all massively overpriced, but that’s Hard Rock for you.

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