Interlude: Arsebook

Day 37. 90 pages, 44,669 words.

Remember Arsebook? The plucky little book about my bottom, the book that just wouldn’t say die (even though my bottom ultimately did die)?

Well, it’s still out there and ready to be purchased, for anyone still interested in not getting cancer of the rectum. But I completely understand if this new book is just way more exciting and less horrible.

Seriously though, speaking of Arsebook, I was delighted yesterday to receive a message from Patrick, a friend and stoma nurse over in Kenya – with some pics showing off his shiny new book.

Arsebook hits Kenya!

“It ought to be on the medical school syllabus.” – Nobody, Ever.

I’d also sent him a bunch of surplus bags that I had been given by various companies as samples, and that I had never used (uh, obviously I would not send the ones I had used), because there are some places in the world that don’t have a socialist wonderland for a medical establishment, and some supplies are expensive and hard to come by. So he was happy with the entire care package, really, and I hope I can send him some more.

With general awareness and do-goodness in mind, I also wanted him to get to know more about my other Internet inspiration, Uncover Ostomy. They recently gained sponsorship from Coloplast, a company that don’t make my colostomy bags, but are apparently pretty good anyway. I can’t help but wonder whether Uncover Ostomy and their awareness and information campaign in Canada (and worldwide), and my man Patrick and his wish to do the same sort of thing in Kenya, might come together and help each other in some way.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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