Hitting the bricks, Internet style

Day 36. 87 pages, 42,982 words.

Marketing campaign is going well, I have actually gotten a few notes from people whose names I don’t recognise, saying they’ve pre-ordered Eejit. That’s a pretty big deal, for little old me. But you can all still get out there and plug away!

I’m posting up stuff on Facebook and getting great response, doing my best to push the interaction and engagement algorithms around as though I even know what they are. I’ll post more about those experience soon.

And last night I was inspired, and hit Twitter for a while. I hit up a number of authors, great:

Brandon “Looks Like You’re Trying to Finish a Wheel of Time Saga, Would You Like Me to…” Sanderson.

…and great (but also not so big):

Wright delivers.

Alastair Reynolds retweeted me. But then, Alastair Reynolds always retweets me. If he actually stands up and tears me a new one in review form, that would be truly awesome.

We’ll see, Mister Reynolds. We’ll see. In the meantime, thanks for the plug!

That’s it for now.

What if civilisation ended while you were somewhere else? How would you know?

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