Official foretelling, take two

Day 30. 69 pages, 33,380 words. This is not great, but it is not as terrible as it sounds either because I also wrote a whole mess of stuff for the rest of the series, as well as deleting a bunch of notes out of the second book and replacing them with fresh stuff, so the word count doesn’t really reflect quantity. Oh look, I think I’m putting my finger on why metrics are only useful for limited purposes and then become bullshit.

So, tomorrow. Saturday. What do the entrails tell me is going to happen?

Hmm, interesting.

It looks like that flu-ey, clogged-up, cough-and-blegh feeling I had yesterday has been helped a bit by the lazy day I had and the long night’s sleep I enjoyed, but I still feel a bit below average.

Today was the big kirjamessut thing in Helsinki, and Mrs. Hatboy had scored a free ticket so decided to go along with Toop. This left me looking after Wump for the day. I had promised to go and catch up with Wendy for a post-Lionbride-separation lunch, and Wump was my free bus ticket so what the heck, we jumped on into the bus and went into town for a brief catch-up.

Couldn’t stay long, of course, because that evening was the big 30th Birthday bash for my esteemed lanttumies Vuta. I picked up fine Cuban cigars in town on my way home from work on Thursday, so we can celebrate in our traditional style. What a fucking epic that was, by the way. Turns out our familiar tobacconist in town had been paved over with the revamping of the new Galleria (I hope the guy himself actually got out before they steamrolled his shop into a Gina Tricot or whatever), but then I googled and found a Yelp review (whatever that is) for a pop-up shop elsewhere in town where they sold the good stuff. So we’re back on.

I think if anything interesting happened at the party, I will have to blog about it in my Sunday foretelling. Maybe Sunday Chucky can pen a quick letter back to Tuesday Chucky and let him know what happened. That might be a laugh. At the moment, the tea-leaves are being ambiguous and the crystal ball is showing nothing but snow (which may actually mean it’s going to snow, wouldn’t be the first time this week…).

My hopes that I managed to do as I was told and behave myself reasonably well are overwhelming my ability to see the future right now. I’m thinking I drank a little too much, and certainly ate too much – on top of a trip to Helsinki – but that I didn’t do too badly. And that in the end, we got home and got the kids to bed and I in no way went back up the hill to the fire station and continued to party until the ludicrous hours of the morning while Vuta degenerated into a shambling mess and I ended up caught on something in a toilet while trying to wake him up from an alcohol-induced coma. For example.

Did I use last week’s promise to do as Mrs. Hatboy said, and my flu-ey, clogged-up, cough-and-blegh feeling from yesterday, as excuses to not stay out too late tonight? Yes, I think that’s what happened. I hope that’s what happened.

Damn it, now I can’t even tell if I took the opportunity to stock up on bubble tea while I was in Helsinki.

I definitely think I should have, but the stars are shrouded by clouds this night.

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