Weekend Foretelling, Part 2

Day 17. The stars were not clear on how much I would write. [Follow-up: Not very much.]

So last night we went to a birthday party (I pre-write on Friday afternoon), but it wasn’t such a big night out because we had two get home to put Wump and Toop to bed. Not that, as experience has shown us, they are anything but heroic when it comes to late nights and parties. But their parents are pretty bad if they don’t get enough sleep.

So, minimal hangover today (I might have had more to drink last night if I hadn’t overdone it on Friday, I have long since been too old to manage two nights out in a row without wimping out thoroughly on at least one of them), and off to a friend’s place to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who. I predict that it will be okay, but Wump will be noisy and unwilling to watch her movies on Kandy for very long, and Toop and Walder (I believe the entrails tell me my nephew will be coming as well) will be noisy.

[Follow-up: I’ve been pretty much on-track with this, except it looks like Walder isn’t coming this time.]

This, according to the pattern of swoops and dives in those swallows over yonder, will be an unwelcome development for my esteemed lanttumies Vuta, who will also be attending the Whofest but will have had rather more to drink on Saturday night than I did, and indeed than he should have, and as such will be feeling more than a little sorry for himself. He will try to hide it, but he will fail. At least, as far as I can tell, there were no Prairie Dogs consumed on Saturday night.

Bella will be irritated because Vuta was supposed to drive, but he will be unable to.

[Follow-up: I don’t know about this bit as of posting time, but I think I nailed it.]

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4 Responses to Weekend Foretelling, Part 2

  1. BRKN says:

    Dang, its a good thing I am making greasy protein rich hangover food. Or Vuta will be puking his guts out in the bathroom, either or. Also, and only because I love you dearly…

    but it wasn’t such a big night out because we had two get home to put Wump and Toop to bed.


    That is all.

  2. BRKN says:




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