Plans within plans within plans

Day 14. 40 pages, 18,947 words.

Trying to figure out a timeline for the book release now.

It gets ridiculously complicated, to such an extent that I’m starting to think I need a numbered release timetable like they have in software companies and R&D places.

First, I need to get the last text edits and changes in, put the final version of the book in for the paperback publication process (this will likely mean I have to start all over again, since apparently the ISBN is locked to the text so even if I fix a typo I might as well have replaced the entire text with Mein Kampf), probably going so far as ordering new proof copies.

Then, I need to do the e-book. I’m going to follow the advice of a fellow author (I suppose I get to say that now, although I still hesitate to say that’s what I am), and put the e-book into place and set it to release in a few weeks’ time, probably around the middle of November. This will allow me to get a pre-order thing going on, which apparently generates clicks and attention. If I can get some lovely people to pre-order the (e-)book, it will put me on some sort of list that Amazon publishers pay attention to.

Then, set up actual sale of paperback and e-book online.

Simultaneously, I need to get my marketing shit together. This is going to be fun but it’s quite a big job, even though it’s really just a single-pronged attack. For that, though, I need the actual book links, paragraph above. Nobody wants to be won over by a funny marketing ploy and then find they can only pre-order. Links must go to the actual Amazon sale area, for paperback and e-book, which means I need to have the links to add in there.

Then, big release and hopeful tossing-around of my cheapo marketing attempts, when book finally goes live.

About three weeks later, actual publication party. End of November / early December, let’s say. To give all the invitees a chance to buy the book and bring it in to show me and get me to sign it if people want to. I don’t know what happens at publication parties but that’s what’s happened at the few I have been to.

And just in time for Christmas, too. Maybe I can make some posters for that.

I’m also thinking “free copy of Arsebook for anyone who shows up with two or more copies of the new one.” Could work.

Let’s see if sci-fi sells better than avoiding cancer of the butthole.

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