Mega Movie Weekend

Day 11. 30 pages, 14,760 words.

Our dear firstborn spent this weekend at the summer house with her grandparents, which was at once lonesome and very, very relaxing. We slept in, we hung out, we played several rounds of Hero Quest – including one round where I killed every single one of Mrs. Hindle’s characters and we agreed it was just a dream and they started over – and of course we watched a lot of movies from our to-watch cheapo-sale-acquisitions pile. Movies that we really should have seen before now.

The following blog contains spoilers for all of these movies.

On Friday, we checked out the 2010 Clash of the Titans, followed by 1973’s multiple Oscar winning The Sting.

True and accurate.

This was my initial reaction.

A brilliant movie, and a movie with entertaining giant scorpions and a kaiju. I’ll let you decide which was which. I’ll give you a clue, the kaiju might just possibly have made The Sting even better, but that’s a big maybe.

The trailer for The Sting, in the DVD extras, was amusing. Trailers back in the old days were funny, introducing all the actors and their roles, giving a character bio (“the Big Mick”, bahahaha) and a full plot breakdown. Major end-game spoilers were missed out, but only just. And yes, the trailer made mention of all the Oscars the movie had won. In fact, it showed footage of them all, standing in a row, as if to prove to the sceptics that yes, it happened.

It was also amusing, as I noted in the Facebook grab above, that they decided to reference Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the trailer. That was hilarious.

I was left with some questions about The Sting. Like, when did Johnny Hooker get let in on the full depth and extent of the con? Because he was taken in by the assassin woman, that’s cool, and he wasn’t told about the bodyguard Henry Gondorff had set for him. But then he was also super-torn and clearly taken in by the FBI part, right? Or was that all planned out for the benefit of the crooked cop who was chasing him? It almost had to have been, because Hooker didn’t have any time to go from being agonised over selling Gondorff out, to getting his blood-packs ready in order to do his death-scene at the end.

I first thought Gondorff was testing him to see if Hooker would tip him off that the FBI were onto him, but the whole thing must have been an act from the start. Including all the parts where Hooker angsted over his choice. Some of it definitely unobserved, so he was in-character the entire time.

Still, I suppose we have to squint a bit and suspend our disbelief about how amazingly flawless a con was, in a con movie. At least it was better than the new “Ocean’s n” movies.

Also, they scored $500,000. That’s between $1,000 and $5,000 each, depending on how many of them were actually involved and what the expenses all were. Hardly a big score. Unless almost all of the guys decided to do it for $100, because of Leroy. Which Gondorff sort of implied.

Gondorff. Maybe. I don't know.

I also had a hard time not hearing (and reading in the subtitles) “Ganondorf” whenever I saw “Gondorff”. I’m not sorry. This, and the kaiju, might well have made this the perfect movie.

I was left with questions about Clash of the Titans as well. Like, how did this manage to be so lame, when it had almost as many brilliant actors as The Sting, and about 100% more giant scorpions and kaiju? Why was Medusa so damn Scorpion-King? And how did this get a sequel, when The Sting was relegated to the pop culture reference graveyard to become the inspiration for a dozen other movies and yet never get a follow-up? Not that, I stress, it needed one.

Then on Saturday we watched The Cabin in the Woods.

There is nothing to say about this movie, it was spectacular and has not only become about my favourite horror movie of all time, it has automatically made me want to watch just about every horror movie I have ever seen, all over again, and enjoy them all that much more by imagining that The Cabin in the Woods-style shit is actually going on behind the scenes.

Even if it had just been a flat-out Evil Dead retelling, it won from the very first scenes by actually managing to create college kids I actually cared about and sort of liked. And the way their increasingly irrational and dickish college-kid idiocy (or college-kidiocy) was explained … mind blown. It also helped to have a huge reunion of Firefly, Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel and even Thor cast members. May the Ancient Ones and the Big Bads bless and protect you, Joss Whedon.

I mean, holy wow. Fantastic. How long do I have to wait before watching this again?

Then we watched Armageddon, because it was there. And because Mrs. Hindle had somehow managed to avoid ever having seen it.

Anyway, not much to say about that either. The biggest question I was left with, on this maybe-fourth viewing, was why in Satan’s glorious name did the NASA team put gatling guns on the armadillos?

Take that, Giant Stone Space Terrorist The Size Of Texas!

Just in case the asteroid was coming to steal our space-Freedoms, I guess.

Also, the bad guy in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was the shuttle pilot douchebag-who-turned-out-okay-after-a-dose-of-Freedoms dude in Armageddon.

Zodiac was a well-cast and well-acted movie, with great time-shift dissolves and a predictably excellent soundtrack too. Not really knowing anything about the story or what was supposed to happen in the movie, I was really kept guessing all the way to the end. Which was sort of cool. I also had this weird misconception that Jim Carrey was meant to be in the movie, which made the whole thing surreal because I kept waiting for him to show up.

Jim Carrey in "Zodiac".

Spoiler: he didn’t.

So, that was our weekend. Some great and highly-recommended movies. I think you can decide for yourselves which ones you want to watch and which ones you don’t. Hopefully, you will have seen most of them already. I am woefully behind the times.

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5 Responses to Mega Movie Weekend

  1. Blanket says:

    The reason you were expecting Jim Carrey is complex, yet explainable: he is in The Dead Pool (I know, I know…) [], which is a Dirty Harry movie. The first Dirty Harry movie is about the titular character chasing a serial killer called The Scorpio [], who is loosely based on the Zodiac killer.

    See? Easily explained.

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