One for the government surveillance database

Day 10. 29 pages, 13,136 words.

Man, the anti-Muslim thing’s really pretty intense, isn’t it?

Just thought I’d throw that out there. The other day, I was pleased to see my adorable intellectual icon was trending again on the social media. No, not Mrs. Hatboy – the other one. Reza Aslan. Watch him destroying Bill Maher (who doesn’t generally deserve it, but sometimes these traps are easy even for the ostensibly liberal and tolerant to fall into[1]) here.

[1] And I by no means discount myself from this criticism. I usually err on the side of being too accepting and open about some things (if I do say so myself … feel free to disagree), and fall into Heffalump traps on the other side. But then I also make dumb assumptions and base my concepts on false foundations, so it’s always good to get a fact-check from someone with some credentials. Or at least a big old YouTube following. Because that’s what makes legitimacy work.

Here’s a slightly more amusing and nicely-edited-and-commentated breakdown of the demolition.

See, there are lots of problems in the world but they don’t get solved by blaming and hating and attacking the ludicrously broad and often entirely arbitrary – if not imaginary – backgrounds against which they’re happening. That just creates more violence and hatred and ignorance. It makes me sick.

In contrast, or perhaps illustration, here’s another little Facebook jaunt I went off on the other day, before I saw the videos about Mr. Aslan’s deconstruction of Mr. Maher, by the way. I know reposting this way is lazy but as you can see I did go to the effort of writing a long essay so I might as well share it here for anyone even remotely likely to read it.

The topic was a video that I don’t even think I want to dignify with a link. You can probably find it if you search YouTube or Google with the information in the image below. The video was … well, I’ll just let my response stand, I think.

Pardon me while I wall-of-text from my soapbox.

With apologies to my friend, who doesn’t really deserve this lambasting and was, I am confident, posting this for the right reasons and with intelligent, thoughtful intent. It’s the video, and its potential for abuse, that I am disliking here.

Seriously though, my first response after seeing this video was “okay, I know a bare handful of ‘Muslim’ people, and I like them all. If this video is right, then it is utterly inevitable that in the next fifty years, I will get to know a lot more of them.”

And that’s fantastic.

See, this is because I am avoiding the Maher / CNN trap of assuming that “Islam” means “militant / terrorist / extremist Islam”. It’s an easy trap to avoid, because it, unlike most of what was happening below the surface on that video, is actually common sense.

And honestly, anyone who thinks the assortment of cultures we have on this planet right now are utterly static and are simply going to replace each other in a completely static way is an idiot. No matter what happens to any of the nations and creeds of this Earth in the next fifty years, the cultures we have right now will all be gone in fifty years. They will all be gone. Look at the different kinds of Islam they have across the globe. You think USian Islam or European Islam (and please keep in mind there is no such thing as either, because Europe is made up of a huge number of countries and the US might as well be too) is going to be the same as Saudi Arabian or Iranian Islam? Really? Fucking really?

So much palm, so little face.

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2 Responses to One for the government surveillance database

  1. Blanket says:

    For future reference, Lake Ladoga does not rhyme with Abe Vigoda.

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