Steve Clark Wigs Out in Fareham

Day 9. 22 pages, 9,794 words.

Ahh, weekend. Probably going to be another lazy one, but I will do my best to update the page-and-word-count numbers at least, later on.

Here’s a worthy cause. So many of you were amazing and bought “this is where my ostomy” T-shirts, I know it’s probably a lot to expect even more attention but what the heck, it’s Saturday and that means a shaky pretext to plug charities and other stuff.

Steve wigs out.

True story. The world is an amazing place.

Steve Clark, one of my fellow ostomates from the support group I post to occasionally on Facebook[1], is wigging out and shirting up today (seems like), somewhere in the general UK area. Fareham, in fact. So if you’re catching a taxi in Fareham, and the guy is wearing a craxy wig, ask him if he poops out the back or the front. It’s all for a good cause.

[1] I actually feel like something of a pretender in the group, because I had fantastic support and friends and family and I recovered amazingly well, so I never really had a hard time or needed to be helped through by these wonderful folks. Seeing the shit (ignoring obligatory joke) many of them go through and the incredible way these guys help, it makes me feel profoundly grateful. So I lend my own words of support where I can, and also plug their efforts when the opportunity presents itself.

Oh, and about those shirts:

The Hindles also wig out, except without wigs.

You’re welcome, again.

That’s my Saturday. How was yours?

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2 Responses to Steve Clark Wigs Out in Fareham

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Awesome t-shirts LMAO

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