Right in the SAN

Day 6. 12 pages, 4,872 words.

Holy crap.

I don’t know. I just … wow.

Yes, today’s dose of surreality was brought to you by an animation artist named Don Hertzfeldt, and The Simpsons. A show I most assuredly love and never want to end, no matter how crazy and weird and stupid it gets. I will, in theory, happily keep on watching it indefinitely.

In practice, I’ve realised, I only intend to keep watching it. I haven’t actually seen more than one or two episodes dating after Season 13 or 14, and the only episodes I watch regularly are the ones I have on DVD dating prior to that cut-off. Since they have just started airing Season 26, that means I have not in fact watched any new episodes of The Simpsons in well over a decade, and haven’t really watched it regularly since moving to Finland.

I will, though. Just as soon as they’re a reasonable price on DVD and somebody gets around to getting them for me for my birthday or Christmas. *cough*

It’s been a surreal week so far, and it’s probably only going to get worse. Nothing much to add for today, though. I will leave you with a “then, now, three minutes later” montage of my adorable second-born and my less-adorable self, grabbed lazily off my webcam. It brightened up my day, so let it brighten up yours as well.


Sleepy. That’s how she rolls.
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2 Responses to Right in the SAN

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Wow, that Simpsons short was AMAZING. Really artistic and creative and not-quite-sure-if-good-or-horrible that seems to define the higher art these days, LOL.

    You and me both on the Simpsons. I have tuned in a few times but only really enjoyed episodes I’d seen before. And I’d get around to buying you those DVDs but I’m really, really worried they aren’t worth any money being spend, bro. Hate to say it but I have a sinking feeling the show’s gone to pot. But yeah, I still watch it too, for the same value of “watch” as you.

    And, d’aww. Little pale yoda is sleepy. Just like my little one’s poem about Puff, our cat, if you recall. Sleeping, and waking up, and sleeping, and finally just sleeping.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, last I saw in the shops they had only released as far as season 15 or 16 anyway, and they were overpriced. They did release season 20 out of order a few years back, but I didn’t pick it up yet.

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