Monday Morning, About Five

Day 63. 154 pages, 72,418 words. Hoped to finish the book by 62 days, shit.

Had a busy weekend this weekend, don’t really have much to write about though. I was going to put together a bit of a Chucky Report on Friday night’s antics but there’s not much to tell.

I went into town to catch up with an old buddy and former colleague who was back from Germany to settle some paperwork and pack some stuff and get some closure on various conversations and acquaintances. It was a lot of fun, starting with random pints and blurring on through Tequila Motherfuckers and a sparkling-wine-and-absinthe drink that was the only reason I didn’t complain about my (surprisingly mild) hangover the next day, and ending up at a club called Semifinal where another friend’s son was playing in a heavy metal band called Edge of Haze.

I’m not a big metal fan but I was extremely drunk, so I went along just to enjoy having my marrow pounded and to watch the crowds.

Mission accomplished.

I also apparently recorded a Vine of the Semifinal toilet.

Mission accomplished.

Anyway, we were there until closing and then (after meeting the band[1] and my esteemed colleague’s kids and buying a CD) enjoyed a rambling trip to a taxi rank somewhere, and an extended bullshit conversation with The Virk, and also our taxi driver who seemed like a nice guy and probably didn’t need to hear me attempting to talk about … was it Russia? I have a horrible creeping feeling it was Russia.

[1] Fair play to Akseli Savola for being the only guy in the band with long hair, what is metal coming to these days?

So, then on Saturday we hosted a do over at Bar Äijä’s, although I for one did not drink. We had a small crowd of family and close friends over, I came into the possession of a huge stack of blu-ray classics, we played Cards Against Humanity (oh my God, everybody I know needs to play this game), watched The Lego Movie, and ate Chico’s pulled turkey dogs for one of the last times before the special menu changes and they maybe-possibly get pulled out of the roster. At the end of the day and everyone else went home or to bed, Mrs. Hatboy and I made ourselves sad by watching Beverly Hills Cop, a movie about a black guy in the United States who is actually a cop but none of the other cops seem to know about it, and who is fantastically destructive and abusive and yet doesn’t get murdered, not even by the bad guys, who are not police officers in Judge Dredd gear.

An excellent day.

Sunday, we just chilled. I went for a little walk through the forest with Wump, we visited the supermarket on the other side and had a little picnic of mini-salamis and box-drinks, then Mrs. Hatboy took the girls and went to a birthday party, leaving me to write the meagre scraping of notes you see added to my novel stats at the top of the page.  But it was totally worth it, a really nice weekend. We finished it off by watching a bit of Qi and then going to bed, in true Old People style.

The end.

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