6 iconic stories improved with #IAmGroot

Well, this is basically what it says on the box. I was struck by the idea (surely not original even this soon after the movie comes out, especially for the readers of the comics who must just love all the new bandwagoneers) while out on my morning walk, and simply couldn’t wait until Monday to get it down on my blog.

Here are 6 scenes from popular movies and TV shows, as improved by the inclusion of Groot.

6. Game of Thrones

Hodor and Bloodraven

This one was obvious, and indeed has already been done brilliantly all over the Internet. I liked the idea of Bloodraven being Groot, and the concept of a conversation between Hodor and Groot is just hilarious. Also, Timmy should be there.

5. Harry Potter

I am Grooooooooot

The Whomping Willow is perfect for Groot’s wonderful blend of violence and randomness. He would even go for a move like this, I think.

4. Return of the Jedi

Groot smash

With Episodes VII, VIII and IX coming out, the ground has never been more fertile for a Marvel / Disney crossover. No? Well tish and pish to you, sir. I say yes.

3. Over the Hedge

Look out, Vincent...

This just works because RJ is a raccoon. It’s that simple.

2. Evil Dead

Not safe for work.


1. The Lord of the Rings

We Are Groot!

One of the best scenes of the entire trilogy (and one of my favourites from the book, too) just becomes even more brilliant when you realise that this must be what Groot really is. Forget the Star Wars crossover, let’s do this one.

What else is there? I was considering the evil trees in Snow White / Shrek, but after making the Evil Dead gif I felt icky. Help me out.

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