The Far Wright (I don’t know, it was the best I could come up with at short notice)

Day 36. 91 pages, 41,262 words.

The Internet, in this case Google+, threw me a weird and delicious scrap of crusty ancient randomness last night, so I figured why not make it the subject of my daily blog?

Christopher B. Wright, one-time alumnus (if that’s the right word, and I’m pretty sure it’s not) of the monkeyhouse, popped up on Google+ and added me to a whateverthefuck Google+ has instead of a Facebook friends list. I’d had Google+ hanging around on my Gmail account for a few years now, and aside from the occasional notification that somebody had added me to a whateverthefuck, I basically ignored it because I already had enough time-sinks in my metaphorical kitchen.

But apparently people are using Google+, because Chris saw my name on a “people you might know” list and figured what the heck. And this is what the weird and wonderful world of the Internet, with all its fantastically stupid interconnections, is all about.

Chris (@ubersoft on Twitter) is now author of such diverse books as Pay Me, Bug! and the Curveball serial. Back in the day, though, he was this guy:

Christopher B. Wright – Common names: Christopher, Chris, Christopher B. Wrong. Well known for: Rand’s Creek, an absolutely masterful piece of genius that should be piled up on the newsgroup somewhere, and worshipped daily. It was a truly hilarious indictment on modern teenage soap drama, and the WHEEL OF TIME into the bargain. “First, it’s nice to see that this place is still silly,” he said after a recent absence. “The other place is too freakin’ serious, sheesh.” This was a good attitude. Chris also liked FAQs, but only if they were well-researched FAQs. No problem there, then. When DUMMER called Chris a faggot, Chris was just new enough to take it seriously. When he first heard the 10-Codes, he was heard to object, “I don’t speak your crazy moon language!” He was of the sincere opinion that Mat was as good a fighter as Rand in the WHEEL OF TIME series. I hope this will be cleared up one day, with Rand and Mat fighting each other. At least that means the two of them will be doing something. When HE WHO IS SHANNON began his ‘Car’a’carn’ humour thread, Chris volunteered “Car’zzzz’carn He who comes and then rolls over and falls asleep”, and has also theorised that Lan is Aragorn reborn. As you can see, there was a lot of gold, and most of it, wonder of wonders, mostly on-topic. Appearance: A very tall, thin man with very wide shoulders and a peanut for a head. Hat: Huge. Distinguishing features: The effect of him blundering around with that giant hat on, with that tiny little head underneath, was kinda distinctive. Status: Sporadic.

(courtesy of the Monkeyhouse archive, early 2000s)

I’m not sure if he still has a peanut for a head, but it’s fantastic to see he kept up with the writing and has made (and is still making) an excellent run of it. Always heart-warming and encouraging.

Of course, I’m already proud owner of an A4-printed PDF of Pay Me, Bug!, sent to me by the budding author before he was famous so that I might run my Edpooly eye over it. I recall having things to say about the title, most of which is summarised nicely in Chris’s ongoing musings about changing said title, but I also recall really liking the story. So now it is in for-reals print, I will pick it up (before he changes the title to something even worse (my suggestion is Love in the Time of Space Herpes) and maybe do a review of it.

Well, this was a silly little random event that made my evening and incidentally also made my morning blogpost. So there you go.

Well done, Internet. You’ve done it again.

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