Torquis in Machina, Part 10

Sadly, the rules of this sort of spell were quite clear. I had to know where I was going, where to look, and for whom I was looking. And apart from Creepy, there was only one mind in Xix I really knew.

Torquis In Machina possessed quite possibly the most cynical mind I had ever encountered. Considering some of the minds I had encountered in my time, this was really saying something. Almost immediately, I despaired of getting any sort of help from him, so it came as something of a surprise when he let himself out of the stable and headed for the circles of redemption at a casual stroll.

The mechanics of the spell were not such that I could actually communicate with the charger, or even receive much in the way of sensory information or emotions. The difference between human and horse were just too great. I could tell what he was doing but not what he thought about it, and frankly that was fine with me.

“There’s somebody coming,” Yoru reported a short time later. “On horseback.”

“Ready to go?” I asked Creepy. Creepy had begun to look decidedly shifty, which was something I could have lived without during a jailbreak, but he climbed to his feet and peered expectantly up at the distant manhole cover.

“I must be missing something,” Yoru noted. “Do you have some sort of plan that I don’t know about?”

“No real plan,” I said, “we’re just going to leave.”

“Most of our best plans are like that,” Creepy added cheerfully.

Torquis snorted from far above, as if advising us to dispense with the plucky banter.

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