Interlude: *long, hefty sigh*

So, after three long weeks, I got my parents on a plane and off to London yesterday morning, and have spent the past twenty-four hours or so decompressing.

Really, it is nice to have them around, but damn it, it’s a lot of work. They were a lot of help and they mean well, but if there was one thing we didn’t need more of with a month-old baby in the house, it was another two people. People who needed to be organised around, kept informed about shit, people who needed scheduled timelines and a sequence of events and activities to keep them from tearing the house to pieces in their boredom.

People who had a home-improvement and rearrangement agenda, right when all we really want to do is get by day to day.

Yeah, it was useful and we took care of a good mess of stuff. But man, exhausting.

Not that the next few weeks will be any better. I’ll do my best to post solidly, since I’m running out of ready-written material and there’s still a lot of crazy days to come, but I can’t promise the world. Got a lot to take care of, not least of which are two adorable little girls who have already begun competing to see which can command the most attention for the most protracted time.

After Vappu (ie. today), when we have a birthday party and a housewarming/barbecue/celebration thing to attend, we have my sister-in-law’s birthday and then Toop’s baptism to get ready for next weekend. Then the weekend after that is my birthday.

And after that, my brother arrives and hangs out with us for a couple of weeks (at least he should be lower-maintenance than mum and dad), during which time my parents also drop back in transit, so they will all be here at once for a couple of days.

In between which, I need to make a metric fuck-ton of birthday cards, and do a bunch of other stuff. Ugh, getting worn out just thinking about it.

In other news, my dad noted that the rear right reverse-light was out on our car, so we had to dick around for a morning fixing that. After which the dashboard started showing a “broken lamp” light. We narrowed it down to the front right headlight, so yesterday I bought new ones of those and switched them. Guess what? Light’s still shining on the dashboard. Fucker.

Also, started watching Stephen King’s Under the Dome last night. So far so good. I was pleased to note they lampshaded the plot-identicality to The Simpsons movie.

I’d been worrying about that.

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