Mopho Cake III

Introducing the new, fancy-schmancy toy around the house, Mopho Cake III. Nothing much to add here, just testing the UI and posting facilities. So far, they look pretty good. Since this is out first afternoon together, things have been remarkably smooth. No major disasters.

Not sure I love this typing system … the spell / capitalisation checker isn’t as smart as it thinks it is. And I’ll have some work ahead getting my photos and ringtones installed.

I leave you with a freeform poem as filled in by MC3’s spell checker.

Why do you think you are a few days ago?

However the first time in the world to me that I have a great day and night;

Oh, this is a good day to all the time of the most important thing is that the only one who is the best of luck!

Why, why do you think you are a few days ago and I will be a good day to all?



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2 Responses to Mopho Cake III

  1. dreameling says:

    Mopho Cake III may actually have an AI inside.

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