No, seriously, goodbye Mopho Cake II

I know I’ve said it before, but now it really is time for me to go and buy a new webomophone.

Mopho Cake II hasn’t actually died yet, but he’s getting slower and slower, his keypad is unresponsive, he periodically switches off whatever I’m doing and causes me to lose work, and he needs an overhaul so time-and-energy-consuming that it is just easier all round for me to retire him and get to know Mopho Cake III.

Don’t get me wrong, Mopho Cake II is a glorious appliance, a wonder of modern technology and has seen me through a lot of idle afternoons. He’s worked admirably and according to spec, and he has earned his place among the Honoured Almost-Dead beside Mopho Cake Snr.

So we’ll head to Jumbo today and I will fork over some of my stash to pick up a new Lumia. One with a nice writing function, decent memory and web capacity, and a nice big screen. Remote desktop connectivity would be a plus. Since I absolutely under no circumstances have anything to do with Nokia publications, I won’t have a clue where to start and have absolutely no justification for my loyalty to the brand. But I’m thinking a 1520 might be a good place to start. Or something else, with the remote desktop option.

Or maybe I’ll just forget about remote desktop for the time being, because it seems like a time-wasting lemon.

Ugh, bit of a rough night last night, the sound of the other boot dropping is eerily similar to the sound of a month-old baby screaming until 2am for no discernible reason. Previously-sleeping Wump finally had a panic-attack and needed hugs from Mrs. Hatboy while Toop was still in the middle of it, and so Toop got dropped in the box and eventually we all just apparently shattered ourselves to sleep until 6am. Toop’s been mostly-awake ever since, but in a reasonable mood.

Imagine this, you self-absorbed tool.

Which is more than can be said for me. Picture added to brighten things up and illustrate my cantankerousness, which boiled to a head at some of the recent sanctimonious, self-absorbed, hypocritical idiocy finding its way to my Facebook news feeds.

I’ll be taking both Wump and Toop, and their grandparents, to Jumbo with me for the adventure. We’ll install Wump in the play area and do our groceries and gadget-shopping. All very domestic and dull.

I could rant a bit about how having my parents here right now is rather like having four kids instead of two, and how instead of just helping out quietly they’re actually adding way more stress than necessary with their own endless demands and nagging … but I won’t. They’re just doing what they know.

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3 Responses to No, seriously, goodbye Mopho Cake II

  1. JonathanBloom says:

    After having worked the past five months with the 1520, I can honestly say that it’s not worth the money. The Windows Phone operating system just isn’t there yet and it has proved a remarkable hassle for me to connect any sort of accounts on to it. And while the six inch display seems appealing to start with, the corners are sharp(ish) and the whole thing feels so bulky that it’s hard to see anyone being able to carry it in their pocket comfortably.

    In terms of connectivity, battery life, ease of access and a good display that is a joy to read off from, I’d recommend almost any Samsung Galaxy model from the 3 upwards, including the Note 2 and 3 models. HTC phones such as the HTC One are good as well, but I hear that they’ve got problems with battery life and can’t really handle the cold well.

    If you’re serious though about going for a Windows Phone, I’d recommend taking a look at the Lumia 920:

    It does everything the 1520 does, but is more compact and has wireless charging capabilities and, from what I hear, doesn’t break as easily.

    It still has issues that come with the Windows/Lumia lockdown methods which I’m not fond of, but otherwise from what I hear it’s been a decent phone in that category.

    Happy hunting!

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, I looked at the 1520 but €600 was just too much, I couldn’t justify it with the extra megapixels, hard drive space or RAM that I wasn’t going to use anyway. I ended up getting a 1320 for half the price, rounder corners and let’s see what a pain it is to use.

      Personally, I’m just in it for the ability to write on the phone, as long as I can connect to assorted social media and do various stuff like facebook, tweet and blog, I’m happy.

      I object to Samsung products for NDA-related reasons.

      • dreameling says:

        I object to Samsung products for NDA-related reasons.

        I think I know what that is about, but I gotta say I love my Samsung Galaxy S III. 🙂

        While I’m mostly ok with Lumia 520 as my work phone, the Metro UI is so not my thing. Also, the Windows Phone platform seems much more restricted in terms of what you can do with it and how you can do things compared to Android. (But it’s not like I can have a fair and educated opinion of Lumia or WP based on just one phone model.)

        I hope the 1320 works for you in all the ways that matter.

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