Wump’s Bestiary

My firstborn, who I have taken to calling ‘Wump’ for the purposes of this blog, has the standard non-reality-contaminated imagination of any almost-four-year-old, but – for the time being – hilariously limited drawing skills (but if you want a picture of a potato-person with a crazy hair-spike, forget about it).

So I took the opportunity last night to listen in on a game she was playing with the fridge magnets, and wrote down some of the creatures she invented. Then, coupled with a few old favourites, I sat down and illustrated them.

This is part one, there will probably be more.

Our first character is a huge white pig with an elephant trunk tail. I imagine this tail is useful for picking things up and sniffing stuff behind it, although señor Piggy probably wants to avoid curling it under the way elephants do.

Huge white pig with elephant trunk tail.

An old classic, the crocodile with spiders for hands and sharks for feet will probably go on the cover of the Wump Dungeonmaster’s Guide, when such a book is actually published for the roleplaying game I think really should be made sometime.

Crocodile with spider hands and shark feet.

The next beastie is a flying upside-down cow’s head (or, for those who just can’t get enough hyphenation, the upside-down-flying cow’s head, or the upside-down flying-cow’s head). Sometimes it also flies the other way up.

Upside-down flying cow's head.

Then there is a fox, whose name is Foley.

He is Pinocchio’s best friend, whatever that means. Bet that’s an interesting story.

wump_bestiary (2)

Finally, I give you the one-eyed flying monster cat. ‘Nuff said.

The one-eyed flying monster cat.

To be continued.

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7 Responses to Wump’s Bestiary

  1. dreameling says:

    This is brilliant stuff. 🙂

    The elephant-trunk-tailed big has to be my favorite. It’s just so hilariously random (although I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for it).

    • stchucky says:

      The pig is an interesting one, she decided on it after seeing a big pile of snow in the forest when we were out walking. She decided it looked like a white elephant. Then we walked for a bit, she looked at it again and decided it was a great big pig with an elephant trunk on its buttocks.

      Her words.

      • dreameling says:

        Makes perfect sense! First impressions are often misleading. Also, to paraphrase Old Ben, it’s all about point of view.

        Btw., you show these drawings to her?

      • stchucky says:

        Actually no, she was already in bed by the time I finished them. Will have to do so. We normally collaborate but she hasn’t got the patience to sit through the length of time it takes for me to draw and ink and colour (ie. about an hour for these five, while watching TV).

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  3. Valeri Jones says:

    I surfed in here from a comment left on a link (http://diply.com/trendyjoe/this-artist-turns-his-20-year-old-childhood-doodles-into/44260) posted on Facebook by George Takei. Man, I love the Internet. These are great! I hope the two of you do more.

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